Two New Ways to Earn!

June 16, 2020, by Admin

Now you can claim every 9 minutes at our faucet free!   Now you can buy revenue shares from your account balance that return 110% in 55 days .  A great way to use your earnings from PTC, Short links, Faucet, and Offers and surveys,  buy revenue shares at 1000 each and earn an extra 10% in 55 days!  Happy Earning and Instant Payouts!

Advertising starts at only 4 satoshi per click!  Advertise now!

Now the lottery is weekly every shortlink click gets you a free chance or you may buy for 1 satoshi each.


PTC Ads Available

June 15, 2020, by Admin

Now more ways to make money with PTC Ads . We also have 75 shortlinks(1 free lottery ticket with each complete) to complete and 6 offerwalls all pay instantly!  Advertising starts at only 4 Satoshi per click! Use account balance add funds via Faucetpay or coinpayments.

Now Buy Ads From Account Balance or Faucetpay

June 11, 2020, by Admin

Now you can buy great advertising from your account balance.  You can add funds to your account using Faucetpay then create your ad. Start your advertising now over 7,000 crypto users!  Remember for every  every shortlink you click you get a free weekly lottery ticket.  Win thousands of satoshi's weekly!

Instant Payments No-Minimum

May 23, 2020, by Admin earn free satoshi and cash out instantly to Faucetpay , Express Crypto, or Earn by completing PTC Ads, Surf Ads, Surveys and Offers, shortlinks, Lottery(with free tickets for every shortlink completion) and Hi-lo game. All you need is a faucetpay, express crypto or microwallet account to get instant satoshis.  If your payments are refused you are using a proxy or vpn to access the site which is not allowed.  Please use a different valid internet connection as advertisers do not pay for proxy or vpn visits.  Payment will show refused.  Multi accounts will be banned also only create one account please.